Four Seasons means Four Great Reasons for Living Here

Why do so many people relocate to Asheville?

We all know about the great outdoor activities available, the eclectic downtown independent shops and restaurants, the brewery scene, and, of course, historic icons like the Biltmore Estate, the Grove Park Inn, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Plus, our extensive residency of artists and the creative community, but is that all there is to Asheville? No. All of this is wrapped around four beautiful seasons that continuously delight and attract visitors and residents all year long.

One of the top reasons so many people who visit end up relocating here is the Seasons. We get all 4 but without the extremes. We get all 4 in manageable doses. Let’s break down the 4 Seasons which are the 4 Reasons for moving here.

Here are the Reasons for the Seasons

Living in Western North Carolina, people never get bored with the seasons. Witnessing the building up and the breaking down of nature each year is miraculous and a reminder of how special this world really is. You find yourself looking forward to each new season which is one BIG reason to be happy in the mountains of North Carolina. One of the most incredible conditions about the climate in our area is that they all seem to last an even amount of time. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all run their course in about 3 - 31/2 months which you won’t find in other parts of our country. In New England, the winter’s easily last 7-8 months, in Florida, there is no winter or colorful fall and the Summer’s are almost unbearable. It’s the power of the seasonal climate in Asheville that is remarkably unique and will keep you here forever.


When it’s Springtime in Asheville, you know it. The sleepy outdoors comes alive with the musical noises of birds singing, the colorful vibrant flowers begin to bud and the wildlife gets active again. Baby bunnies, baby deer and little chipmunks are out discovering their magic to live life to the fullest. When it’s Spring in Asheville, everyone is jubilant. Even the wildlife.

Imagine waking up, sipping your coffee from your kitchen window or back porch each day with nothing to bother you because you are so distracted by the nature outside that builds life every year. That’s Asheville.

Whether it’s golfing, hiking, biking or camping, the outdoors in North Carolina is the place to be in the Spring. There’s a saying here in Asheville, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, --it’ll change.” And it does. Usually for the better.


During the Summer in Asheville, you’ll find that everyone is flocking here from all over the east coast to escape the extreme heat and humidity. Because we have a more tolerable climate during the Summer months, it makes getting outside more comfortable and enjoyable. You’ll also find that you may want to go golfing more often, take up gardening or go for more walks in the neighborhood chatting and greeting your neighbors. The Asheville climate sparks a more healthy lifestyle just simply because our weather is consistently so inspiring.

There are endless places to explore during the Summer in the mountains, this includes wineries. Our area is even prime for growing grapes which in the past 20 years or so, have been popping up in various spots in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and with each passing year, the wine gets finer and finer.

The lush, vibrant forests provide beautiful shade that is perfect for picnicking and the cool mountain rivers and lakes are a great way to cool down without feeling sticky. Even when it rains, the downpours create a backdrop that provides a special kind of zen, relaxing state that is ideal for taking afternoon naps. Right, when you can’t absorb any more of the gorgeous scenery of the Summertime, the air begins to cool and the leaves begin to soften. Break out the harvest decorations, It’s time for Autumn in Asheville.


October is a popular month in the mountains. The forest colors are popping, Halloween is buzzing and the newfound season of fall warms your heart. But, November gives October a run for its money. The month of November in Asheville brings just enough chill in the air, cozy sweaters and is easily as beautiful as October. It’s the lull before the holidays, a month nestled between busy seasons giving you a moment to settle into the beauty that surrounds us every day in Asheville.

Fall in Asheville is festive. Every. Single. Year. The local farms are busy with hayrides, children playing in the pumpkin patches and the corn mazes are packed. Everyone is excited about the new season because it means the busy-ness of Summer is gone and the passion for the upcoming holidays is stirring.

This is when we all get enormously overjoyed about wearing sweaters, scarves and boots again like we did the year before. Getting out in downtown Asheville for dinner with friends this time of year seems so easy because strolling the colorful streets in your new-found attire is somehow fresh and exciting. Yay, Fall is here.

Some of the best hiking happens in the Fall where the forest colors are stunning and the scent of the cool air is nostalgic. You’ll find yourself over and over again traveling to the Parkway to witness the shuffling of fallen leaves swooped up by the wind of your car as if you’re in a Hollywood movie and there’s nowhere else in the world like it. That’s Asheville.


There isn’t a bad season in Asheville and this includes Winter. When the leaves are gone off the trees, there’s a whole new landscape to observe. And, during the mild winter months in the mountains, it feels good to have an excuse to hibernate, read books, play board games with friends, or even visit the breweries.

In the past decade or so, the winter months have been seemingly milder and milder with fewer amounts of snow each year. Our winters are even popular with tourists because it’s not too cold but, just cold enough to have sweaters, jackets and boots which, for people who live in the South, enjoy the opportunity to wear those outfits. For those who enjoy snow in small amounts, our mountains provide that as well and is always such a welcome beautiful sight.

Another wonderful feature of our winter is that we actually see the sun quite often. Unlike New England and other northern regions of the U.S., we don’t spend an entire winter season staring at gloomy grey skies. It is always a joy to experience the sun in the winter months here in the mountains, especially for those who have the willingness to get outside and enjoy a winter hike, bike or explore downtown Asheville in the colder air.

Now you know...

So, there you have it -- 4 Seasons, 4 Reasons for Living Here! To sum it all up, when you live in the mountains of Western North Carolina, you find that you will look forward to each and every day because of the quality of living it cultivates. It’s what attracts people to our mountains year-round, no matter what time of year it is. And many of them are determined to stay forever.

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