Fairview Community: Love where you live
Fairview is just located just 10 minutes on the outerskirts of downtown Asheville. Learn more about this wonderful community and why you will love where you live.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Cedar Cliff Village
A roundup of Frequently Asked Questions about Cedar Cliff Village
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Short Term Vacation Rental Update for 2020
One of the perks of ownership at Cedar Cliff Village is having the option to include your property as an investment real estate property in the short term vacation rental market managed by Inspired Getaway. If you're considering a purchase here and wondering how your investment would have done this year, guess no more. Here is an update of how the short term vacation rental investments are doing in Asheville.
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Considerations for Buying or Building Your Home in the Mountains
Asheville is seeing many new residents coming from New York, California, Florida and Texas. They are drawn to the four distinct seasons and our beautiful mountains offering plenty of outdoor activities and recreation with access to eclectic city amenities of downtown shopping, restaurants and breweries. As you consider buying or building in the mountains, you should factor in these options which may significantly impact your decisions. Here at Cedar Cliff Village, we are on the winning side of all of these factors.
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Welcome Home!
Let's take a closer look at a home in Cedar Cliff Village. We've talked about features, floor plans and our mountain living. It's time to see one up close and personal.
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Four Seasons means Four Great Reasons for Living Here
We all know about the great outdoor activities available, the eclectic downtown independent shops and restaurants, the brewery scene, and, of course, historic icons like the Biltmore Estate, the Grove Park Inn, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Plus, our extensive residency of artists and the creative community, but is that all there is to Asheville? No.
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4 Guidelines for How to Simplify Your Life
Looking to simplify your life? The mountains of Asheville, NC draw many people here seeking a simpler way of life, one less crowded with peaceful, beautiful surroundings. The secret to simplifying your life begins in Asheville with these 4 rules based on the guiding principle that Less is More.
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Shades of Green in Asheville NC
When you live in Asheville, you will be spoiled by all the great outdoors offers. Let's explore all the Shades of Green offered at Cedar Cliff Village. From the green outdoors, to the green-built homes, to the green in your vacation rental income ~ it's all here!
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Apr 5, 2020
Why choose when you can have both a green-built home and investment income?
This photo is nature’s reminder to look up and enjoy the view. These views not only attract many tourists but also new residents relocating from Florida, New York, California and other highly dense urban cities where the pace of life may not equal the piece of mind people seek.
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