3 Unique Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

3 Unique Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Cedar Cliff Village is a unique community located in Fairview, NC. It’s not just the 5 minute access to the Blue Ridge Parkway, 10 minutes to downtown or the beautiful surrounding mountain views that make this place special. Many developments in Asheville provide these natural amenities and conveniences. Cedar Cliff Village is unique because it offers 3 Features you won’t find anywhere else:

Feature 1 - “Lock and Go”

The homes at Cedar Cliff Village were designed to be simple to operate and simpler to live in. That’s a requirement for investment vacation homes near Asheville and a bonus for homeowners who choose to live here permanently. It’s all available at this property for sale near Asheville, NC.

What Does “Lock and Go” Mean? “Lock and go” means you don’t have to worry about locking up multiple entry points to your new construction home near Asheville. On your way out to enjoy the surrounding mountain trails or the nearby restaurants, just lock the door behind you and you’re on your way. If Cedar Cliff is a second home or vacation home, you can “lock and go” easily because exterior yard maintenance is taken care of for you. You really can just lock up and off you go!

Feature 2 - Homes without Garages?

Cedar Cliff Village offers property for sale near Asheville, NC that you can use as your primary residence, as your second home and/or for short-term vacation rental income (which is not allowed in most City areas). These scenic green-built homes near Asheville and close to the Blue Ridge Parkway are spacious, starting at 930 square feet and accommodating from two bedrooms and two bathrooms ,to four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

Whichever floor plan and size you choose, your new construction home perfectly fits your plans. But [some of the available]/floor-plans) don’t have a garage, attached or otherwise. You may wonder why new construction homes, especially those designed for investment vacation homes near Asheville, don’t have garages. The answer is surprisingly simple.

Why Don’t All Homes Have Garages? Cedar Cliff Village is a special kind of community that caters to a number of house hunters. These green-built homes near Asheville are affordable primarily because they were designed for people who:

  • Live here part-time while spending the rest of the year in their primary residence
  • Use their property as an Asheville vacation rental
  • Have downsized to enjoy the simpler pleasures of Western North Carolina

In all these cases, the needs of those in the homes are less than the needs of full-time homeowners.

  • The cost savings of the smaller floor plans provide a bonus to your wallet.
  • Instead of a garage, the homes in the community have a two-car paved-pad driveway near the front door.
  • It’s convenient for just about every type of homeowner, and it leaves one less entryway you have to worry about.

Feature 3 - Diversity of Homeownership

Within the Cedar Cliff Village community, there is a mix of part-time residents and short-term vacationers. Short-term vacation rentals near Asheville are in demand, but that doesn’t mean you have to use your home in that way. Every house in the community, however, is a good investment because of:

  • ✔️The property’s proximity to the Asheville urban center
  • ✔️The scenic views from your Cedar Cliff Village home and from your neighborhood
  • ✔️The lasting value of green-built homes near Asheville
  • ✔️The flexibility of using your home as an Asheville vacation rental
  • ✔️The on-site service of Inspired Getaway, a professional vacation rental company

Even without a garage, these home plans are so perfect that you’ll cherish every day in the mountains. The many features make your home beautiful, comfortable and functional. For short-term vacation rentals near Asheville, they shine above the rest. As a permanent home for downsizing empty-nesters, Cedar Cliff Village offers a safe environment close to every amenity. Call today for a tour!